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Is your digital storefront positioned to attract your ideal customers or target audience?

In the recent past, decorated window displays were the main driver of purchases, compelling shoppers to walk in, buy an item, share the experience with friends, and hopefully inspire others to come back and buy again. That storefront window still exists but in a big way—on social media.

Before we get into the details of social media marketing, today’s challenge and question to you is – are your social media covers/banners positioned to sell? Yes, your social covers are the first big banner that your potential clients interact with right at the door of your digital storefront aka your social media….

It’s time to change that boring, ugly banner of your social media properties into a beautiful, high converting billboard, engaging potential customers to take more action.

You owe yourself and your business this! You will thank me for LITERALLY saving your business.


It’s no secret that your target audience and potential client is spending a crazy amount of time on social media. In fact the amount of sales that actualize because of the interaction that a lead had with your brand on social media is something you don’t want to under-estimate. 

Now, I want to be really nice here but with a little bit of tough love – no one is going to care about your brand if you don’t have a following. Have a following gives your brand the credibility it deserves and makes you become trustworthy. 

When consumers make purchase decision – the reputation of your business plays a huge role in whether they will choose to work with you or not. 

With only a few dozen followers on the platform, consumers are likely to doubt the authenticity of the account. On the other hand, if an account has thousands of followers, people are more likely to take the account seriously. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is important to have as many Instagram followers as possible.

But growing your account is no easy. You will hire several digital marketers to try and error different strategies – waste so much time and money. We have an internal process that works. 

Stop wasting money running lead ads before building your reputation. This is an endless cycle that will always end with you frustrated. Allow us to help you – yes, our company philosophy is to lead with value. We need you to grow, you need us – so:

So you may be thinking....

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